Education through movement

In Aktiv Kita's unique approach to childcare, physical activity and sports are fully integrated into the teaching methods. Education through movement not only benefits young brains during development, but also promotes the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of your child.

Being active as a child has long-term cognitive and health benefits.

Children learn primarily through movement, and research shows being active as a child also makes you more likely to be active as an adult. This, in turn, promotes lifelong physical, emotional, social and holistic wellbeing.

Yet the opportunities for regular movement are fewer than ever before, with physical activity designed out of everyday life and children increasingly turning to sedentary leisure pursuits, such as playing screen-based games and watching television.

When engaging, structured opportunities to be active are introduced into a child's daily routine, the foundations of a balanced, healthy lifestyle are formed.

And this is how the idea of Aktiv Kita was conceived.

This Kita concept brings academic education and life-skills training together with sports and activity, promoting active learning and instilling healthy lifestyle habits from an early age.

A special partnership lies behind the Aktiv Kita concept – a unique collaboration between child development experts Aktiv Kita gGmbH and The Aspria Group, Europe’s leading operator of premium, family-focused wellbeing clubs.  

Aktiv Kita gGmbH is an exciting not-for-profit organisation that has all the educational expertise you’d expect from a Kita – but what makes it special is that its team also has expertise in physical activity, allowing for a unique curriculum based on active learning.

The Aspria Group is a multi-award-winning company with decades of experience running premium, family focussed wellbeing clubs across Europe. It also operates the internationally renowned Aspria Academy, which caters for children aged 0-17 years with a wide array of classes and courses, a Swimming Academy aligned to national standards, active holiday camps and special events.

The children attending the Aktiv Kita will receive high-quality, all-round Kita education from a dedicated team, in dedicated premises. In addition, thanks to the partnership with Aspria, they will benefit from access to Aspria’s extensive facilities and expertise, from swimming lessons to outdoor spaces for adventure learning, and from gymnastics to cookery lessons.

Aktiv Kita’s broad curriculum teaches physical literacy, movement for physical and mental wellbeing, social skills and interaction, language and communication, art and creativity, maths, music, nature and the environment.

The focus at Aktiv Kita is on imagination, exploration, discovery, experimentation and play. There are spaces for children to move, explore and challenge themselves, as well as areas inspiring creativity and imagination, rest, reflection and quiet time. Multi-purpose areas are also available for productions, activities and group sessions.

In this stimulating environment, children can learn to understand the world they live in, develop new skills and grow in self-esteem and confidence. Crucially, they also develop an understanding of how important being active is to feeling happy and well.

Aktiv Kita places a strong focus on the uniqueness of the individual, with every child placed at the centre of their own learning process.

Children are monitored to ensure they are learning, progressing and developing well, and feedback directly from the child is encouraged. Parents receive regular updates, and achievements are celebrated.